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Summit1g decides to not go pro

After the recent USA CSGO major summit1g decided that he wanted to try and go pro in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. After receiving an offer from a tier 1 US team he ends up choosing his streaming career over any shot of going pro. What do you guys think, should

LegendaryLea gets banned.. again

LegendaryLea has just received another 30 day suspension from for an apparent "vagina slip" Many people are petitioning and pushing for a permanent ban from Twitch, whilst others are surprised she even got banned at all. It seems Lea's connection with boyfriend Sodapoppin has proved useful in her Twitch career. View the full

Forsen vs Athene Viewbotting Drama Continued

forsen vs athene

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions, miscommunication and ignorance going on both from the streamers and the chat which I would like to clear up as neutral as possible. I would like to mention that you reading this text should think for yourself and not jump straight away

The Shanghai Shitshow

The Dota 2 Shanghai Major is the worst major Dota 2 LAN event to have been held and quite possibly one of the worst ever in eSports history, this was Twitch Drama on a whole other level. Below is a quick recap of the major failures that occurred: Petition to rename the

SPUNJ – “I can’t take all the abuse”

SPUNJ a famous Australian CSGO pro player and streaming personality recently played in the recent CSGO MLG major qualifiers. His team Renegades just narrowly missed out on qualifying from what many would say was a huge misplay by SPUNJ in a 1v1 clutch moment (see in video below). But the amount

Gabe Newell fires Dota 2 Tourament host James ‘2GD’ Harding over jokes

James '2GD' Harding is a entertainer and a joker. Gabe Newell is co-founder and managing director of Value Corporation. Amongst the production disaster that was the Dota 2 Shanghai Major Qualifier, Gabe fired the James, the tournament host, on the 2nd day. He then posted on Reddit explaining: Two things: 1) James.

S1mple cries, Thorin goes savage

After an amazing comeback from 7-14 down, Team Liquid managed to scrape through and qualify for the MLG major. In the post match interview S1mple got quite emotional and showed quite a few tears. Considering he just moved from America and left everything behind, it was understandable how emotional he got given how hard

CSGO pros react to fREAK bullying s1mple

CSGO casters, pros and ex-pros all give their opinions on the freak/s1mple bullying incident. Some people are just laughing at the whole situation (semmler), whilst others are just flaming the csgo community (dazed). Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts and what you think about the reactions.  

Freakazoid issues apology He claims he was defending his friends and that he went too far. He then goes on to apologise to S1mple and his supporters. However like some commenters have said, it doesn't make a lot of sense. defending your friends? more like 2 people are attacking him and you join in,