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Gabe Newell fires Dota 2 Tourament host James ‘2GD’ Harding over jokes

James ‘2GD’ Harding is a entertainer and a joker. Gabe Newell is co-founder and managing director of Value Corporation. Amongst the production disaster that was the Dota 2 Shanghai Major Qualifier, Gabe fired the James, the tournament host, on the 2nd day. He then posted on Reddit explaining:

Two things:

1) James. We’ve had issues with James at previous events. Some Valve people lobbied to bring him back for Shanghai, feeling that he deserved another chance. That was a mistake. James is an ass, and we won’t be working with him again.

2) As long as we’re firing people, we are also firing the production company that we’ve been working with on the Shanghai Major. They will be replaced, and we hope to get this turned around before the main event.

gabe fires james


Awkwardly and dramatically James responded to the post:

This is why my statement is taking sometime. It seems more personal than professional. So I will respond. Just for the record gabe, I don’t think you are an ass. But I don’t think you are right about me (well maybe you are a bit of an ass for calling me an ass, but let’s find out what others think shall we?)

His comment is top upvoted showing the communities support for him.

james 2


He then released a long statement reply:

After getting off the Panel. Bruno told me. Hey… no more porn jokes (This was pretty much Gabes feedback). I agreed and explained I had to open with something strong due to I haven’t been hosting for some time and my fan base expect this.


There was something Gabe didn’t like about the jokes he was telling and his hosting style. In the video below you can see his ‘crude’ jokes.

Is Gabe a mad man or James a butt head?