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P4wnyhof Viewbotting


P4wnyhof the popular Hearthstone Streamer has recently had a lot of evidence hinting towards him viewbotting on

The evidence that has been uncovered show a series of screenshots (which you can see below) that more or less confirm that P4wnyhof  has at least engaged in viewbotting in the past and strongly suggest that he is still viewbotting now. Enjoy.

A very old reddit post of P4wnyhof advertising his stream. He used the name AveragJo at that time.


Just a picture of all his reddit post, nothing special here.


A quick google search leads us to different pages.


One of them is his old Twitch channel.


The other one is a post in a LoL forum in which he mentions a Facebook account.


Now what is this? P4wny liking a Twitch bot page?


I guess it is.


These screenshots show a very old reddit post from more than two years ago. P4wnyhof still used the name AveragJo at that time. One can clearly see that it is him, he linked his Twitch stream and told information about his life.

If you Google that name you find an old Twitch profile and a post on a LoL forum.

The Twitch page contains P4wnyhof’s personal information which indicates that it is his channel.

But the most interesting information can be found in his forum post. There he mentions a Facebook page. Well, of course I had to take a look at this one.

More than two years ago he liked a post about Twitch viewer bots.