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SPUNJ – “I can’t take all the abuse”

SPUNJ a famous Australian CSGO pro player and streaming personality recently played in the recent CSGO MLG major qualifiers. His team Renegades just narrowly missed out on qualifying from what many would say was a huge misplay by SPUNJ in a 1v1 clutch moment (see in video below). But the amount of flak and criticism that occurred afterwards was unprecedented.

See one such criticism from popular CSGO analyst and commentator Thorin:

He released this message just prior to the qualifiers where he says “I can’t take all the abuse, I wish I was strong enough too but I can’t do it!”

cant take the abuse

The constant flaming and abuse SPUNJ proceded to receive from Twitter, reddit and Twitch caused SPUNJ to deactivate his twitter.

spunj twitter

This has now caused a wave of support by various players and CSGO personalities and as usual Richard Lewis has been one of the most outspoken (this time in a positive light).

Watch a video below on the Story of SPUNJ highlighting the events leading up to this chaos and the aftermath.

Here’s hoping that SPUNJ can move on from this mess and keep his chin up.