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Freakazoid bullying s1mple

Freak acts like a saint and tells everyone to never bully because its the act of a coward and shows insecurity, and still he is sitting in Teamspeak (VOIP) bullying simple telling him to get a tan, that he has no friends irl. All of this whilst Freak wasn't even in the FPL game,

Sodapoppin cries watching birthday wishes on stream!

Sodapoppin celebrated his 22nd birthday today and it was nice to see Chance like this... if I had that many people wish me happy birthday on video I would definitely cry too. He deserves that love though, happy birthday Chance!  

Aftermath of s1mple vs TACO

In light of the name callings between s1mple and TACO, there has been some back and forth on Twitter about the incident. Fallen, s1mple, TACO and Fer have all taken to their Twitter to address what happened. To after a bit of light banter from TACO on a sever, it