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Forsen vs Athene Viewbotting Drama Continued

forsen vs athene

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions, miscommunication and ignorance going on both from the streamers and the chat which I would like to clear up as neutral as possible. I would like to mention that you reading this text should think for yourself and not jump straight away on a side so to say, here is the original post on the Athene viewbotting scandal to assist with your research. Make up your own mind.

So basically Forsen accuses Athene for viewbotting, scamming and prerecording.

What we can understand from Forsen’s perspective is that we do not actually know whether Athene is viewbotting or not, there is actually no proof of him not viewbotting or viewbotting. I agree with Forsen that the timing was good (viewbotting started when gamingforgood launched) but it doesn’t matter if it’s more likely that Athene is viewbotting himself since we don’t *actually have *proof of this. So let’s leave this aside for now.

Another thing from Forsen’s perspective is the scamming part, there is no proof of him scamming or not scamming people anywhere on the internet (search for yourself). This is where I don’t agree with Forsen since we actually don’t have any visual proof of this on the internet.

For the prerecording part, now we actually have proof of Athene prerecording his stream once. He prerecorded his road to rank one legend in hearthstone (around August 2015, I believe) which he did several months before. The reason he did this was to prove that he can reach rank one legend since people didn’t believe him. He did actually reach rank one legend but recorded it on one of his streams to prove it again.

Above is a video from Athene’s perspective. Gamingforgood is a skin to twitch just like on league of legends you have a skin to a champion, it serves the same functions but just looks different, however with gamingforgood you do have extra functions such as a music player, recording your own voice on , inbuilt charity system and more payment options etc.

What Athene wants is for people to try out gamingforgood since it statistically makes people more money because of its extra functions. Today he responded to Forsen’s accusations.

What we actually don’t know is that if that $100k in 19 days is actually real and not fake donations, again… there aren’t any concrete proofs of this being a scam or not a scam.

My personal opinion:

Forsen seems like a smart guy, which he is. But there seems to be some misconceptions and lack of knowledge that he has which he should take into consideration and not jump straight away into conclusions. What Forsen should have done is to in my opinion accept the $10k in 3h challenge because I feel like they need to build up some trust, in the end it’s not about hating and calling people out… we are all on this planet together. In the end, the promotion has already been done…really… I don’t see the reason to not accept the $10k… it will only lead to Forsen’s and Athene’s trust building up (if Forsen receives the $10k) and hopefully people to start using gamingforgood so that we can save people in need in the world.

What Athene could’ve done is to address the viewbotting as soon as it started instead of waiting for people to call him out and then address it.

In the end I just try to look at this situation as unbiased as possible and try to make up my own opinion (so should you).