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Forsen vs Athene Viewbotting Drama Continued

forsen vs athene

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions, miscommunication and ignorance going on both from the streamers and the chat which I would like to clear up as neutral as possible. I would like to mention that you reading this text should think for yourself and not jump straight away

Mitch Jones, Reckful, Mira and Valkyrae Reveal ALL

In one of Mitch Jones' fabled rare to occur streams; Mitch, Reckful, Mira and Valkyrae talk about their dramatic love lives. Mira wants Mitch to come to Vegas for undisclosed reasons (kappa) but Mitch is too much of a beta cuck and can't make his mind up. Some memorable moments are:

CSGO pros react to fREAK bullying s1mple

CSGO casters, pros and ex-pros all give their opinions on the freak/s1mple bullying incident. Some people are just laughing at the whole situation (semmler), whilst others are just flaming the csgo community (dazed). Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts and what you think about the reactions. ivermectin

Aftermath of s1mple vs TACO

In light of the name callings between s1mple and TACO, there has been some back and forth on Twitter about the incident. Fallen, s1mple, TACO and Fer have all taken to their Twitter to address what happened. To after a bit of light banter from TACO on a sever, it

Ekop rants about Massan, TidesOfTime, P4wnyhof, Cloud9 and Trump

This week Hearthstone streamer Ekop went on a massive rant and revealed his inner salt concerning many popular twitch streamers. Can people just start reporting Massan to Twitch already? That would be nice. I'm sure if we all band together we can get him banned.   It's not just the view botting... like