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Aftermath of s1mple vs TACO

In light of the name callings between s1mple and TACO, there has been some back and forth on Twitter about the incident. Fallen, s1mple, TACO and Fer have all taken to their Twitter to address what happened. To after a bit of light banter from TACO on a sever, it turns nasty. S1mple and TACO get personal while the fight is being streamed by multiple streamers.

If you wanted to see where it got nasty here is the video.

So Fallen begins, being the natural leader he is to pay respect to each other.


S1mple apologies for his behavior and wishes people forget about the incident.


..and TACO has almost the same message as s1mple for his fans. TACO and s1mple being the main two players who had some nasty words for each other.


Lastly Fer is being Fer.