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Mitch Jones, Reckful, Mira and Valkyrae Reveal ALL

In one of Mitch Jones’ fabled rare to occur streams; Mitch, Reckful, Mira and Valkyrae talk about their dramatic love lives. Mira wants Mitch to come to Vegas for undisclosed reasons (kappa) but Mitch is too much of a beta cuck and can’t make his mind up. Some memorable moments are:

  • Mitch giving a very detailed insight into his anal and pube shaving tendencies.
  • Reckful getting called out as a rapist, aka Rapeful.
  • Drunk Mira groping sober Valkyrae
  • The cringiest line from beta jones… “I miss Taymoo”.
  • Reckful apologising for being Rapeful.
  • Some amazing 1 liners, Mira: “I was not willing, but I liked it”.
  • And of course the all round beta jones cringefest we have all grown to know and love.

View part 1 of the Mitch Jones Chronicles below or click here for the full playlist.

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