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Ekop rants about Massan, TidesOfTime, P4wnyhof, Cloud9 and Trump

This week Hearthstone streamer Ekop went on a massive rant and revealed his inner salt concerning many popular twitch streamers.

Can people just start reporting Massan to Twitch already? That would be nice. I’m sure if we all band together we can get him banned.


It’s not just the view botting… like there’s a lot of other accusations which are most likely true against Massan. […] Besides, he’s never been a real teammate to me anyway. […] He never really has done anything to help his teammates. He only ever hosted my once I think.


I just hope he gets banned soon, and kicked from Cloud 9. He doesn’t deserve to be on the team. The only reason he’s on the team is he has viewers on Twitch.


P4wnyhof is also a view botter just like Massan. This is only emphasized by the fact that this Inormous D guy is also mod on his channel.


According to ek0p, he brought the Massan drama to Cloud 9’s attention and Cloud 9 “main manager” Jack told him the view botting is Twitch related so Twitch has to resolve it. ek0p claims Cloud9 is not interested in the other accusations regarding “cheating in tournaments, selling tournament spots and all that stuff”.


I’m actually… since a couple of months… I’m not not getting paid by Cloud 9 anymore. I’m not getting paid my salary. Which is also the reason why Gnimsh left Cloud 9.


I’m kind of blaming Massan [for not getting paid] as well because if a guy like that is getting paid by Cloud9, that does all these shady and scummy things, and I’m not… a guy who bust his ass streaming… not only streaming, but also competing in tournaments, traveling to events to represent Cloud9 there, interacting with fans and sponsors, doing all kinds of stuff… If a guy like that does not get paid and a guy like Massan does, then, yeah, it just frustrates me, you know.


And the only reason I’m really still in Cloud 9, why I haven’t switched teams yet, is because I’m waiting for Archon Team League to… because I basically got a guaranteed spot there… and it’s so lucrative. Like […] in the first Archon Team League I won more money than in all my previous tournament performances combined.


We’ll see how the whole situation evolves. I’m definitely still hopeful that Cloud 9 will get their shit together and basically treat me like a valuable asset to the team. And if that doesn’t happen until after ATLC 2, then I’m switching teams.


If you want to make a competitive Hearthstone team, the last person you should get on that team isTidesOfTime. Not because he’s a bad player or anything, but just because of how he is, you know. Like, you’ve seen all the shit he’s pulled while he was on Cloud9, right?
[goes on to talk about how TidesOfTime didn’t show up to tournaments]


To be honest though, guys, Cloud9 kinda went to shit Hearthstone-wise after all the new signings…TidesOfTime and Massan.


The initial team that we had for Cloud9, was actually […] made by me. I was the main factor to decide that team.


The shit that Kibler and Trump pulled against Lifecoach on ATLC was pretty disgusting. It’s true. But Lifecoach also kinda overreacted in my opinion. Because after all, all they did was follow the rules. Sure – it was a little bit scummy to not give Lifecoach the win.


Answering the question as to when he feels like he got fucked the most “in an e-sport sense”:
1. Azubu
2. Getting scamazed by Trump
3. Not getting paid by Cloud 9


I don’t hate P4wnyhof […] I liked the guy, I don’t like him anymore. Because of the whole view botting. And also, he’s just not really a community person, you know. Like he only thinks about himself. Back when P4wnyhof used to work for the Hearthstone division of TakeTV, he had a lot of fuck-ups. […] [After leaving TakeTV] he never hosted anyone’s stream. Ever. […] I hosted him so many times when he was still a very small streamer. Now that he’s a big streamer, he doesn’t want to give back to the community, you know, who helped him grow.


Question: Did you and Massan ever talk about view bots in his chat?

I think I asked him once about it, before he was in Cloud9. Because there have been a lot of accusations before already regarding the view bots on his channel. But he always denied it. I mean of course he would deny it, right? Why would he admit to such a thing?